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Why advertise with KRJY Radio?

KRJY Radio is a unique net radio experience. As an advertiser you will have the opportunity to market your product to the world. Because KRJY Radio network offers such a variety entertainment you are able to pick the channels or channel which best fits your target audience. Our account representatives will work with you to construct the best advertising package to meet your needs and increase your sales. Remember to ask about our special packaging and rates for your special events.

As an advertiser you are able to select music channels, talk or both to air your advertising spots. You are also, able to select a specific show whether music or talk to exclusively concentrate all of your advertising. Don't forget to ask about our remote broadcast possibilities to highlight grand openings, sales specials, entertainment events and record release parties to mention a few. Don't forget this is net radio where all things are possible.

Package What you get Total Minutes Sign Up
Premium 4 (one min) Choice slots everyday for 1 month 120 Sign Up
Platinum 4(one min) Choice slots a day, for 3 weeks 84 Sign Up
Gold 3 (one min) Choice slots a day, for 2 weeks 42 Sign Up
Silver 25 (45 sec) Bonus slots over a 2 week period 18.75 Sign Up
Bronze 16 (30 sec) Bonus slots over a 2 week period 8 Sign Up
Standard 10 (15 sec) Bonus slots over a 1 week period 2.5 Sign Up
KRJY Radio - Reach a broader audience with interent radio advertising


Reach a broader audience with internet radio!
KRJY Radio offers several advertising programs. Find the one that best suits your business or organizations advertising needs.


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