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"The Wellness Journey” offers a crossover education on the fun and simplicity of “wellness." Through the incorporation of “anybody’s” today realities, the show touches both for the moment and continuing themes. All places of life space for the average individual will be the backdrop for “wellness” education delivery, with a focus on holistic practices that meets and builds on the needs of the mind, body, and spirit in the life as we live it.

Our topics will cover how to integrate wellness in our daily lives, by providing tips, interviews with experts within the field of health and wellness, interviews and chats with women who share their experiences and actively speak to you to facilitate achieving total wellness by using holistic practices and fitness, and providing an abundance of resources for you to explore.

About Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Lynnis Woods-Mullins - Praiseworks.biz - The Wellness Journey

Lynnis Woods-Mullins is founder and CEO of Praiseworks Inc. Lynnis has over twenty-five years of experience in the Human Resource field as a Human Resource professional and Manager. In 2008, Lynnis made a decision to pursue her true calling which is holistic education! "I wanted to pursue my true calling of educating people on how to achieve total wellness of the mind, body and spirit through holistic practices and fitness."

Lynnis' first love and passion has always been dance. Lynnis has over 40 years’ experience in performing and teaching modern, jazz, ballet, and Praise Dance. A partial list of the companies Lynnis has danced with is The Sacramento Civic Ballet, The Atlanta Dance Theater, The Spelman and Morehouse Players, UC Davis Black Repertoire, Oakland Dance Theater, Prayer in Motion, and Celebration Arts. Lynnis has been featured in several publications, television, and radio programs. Lynnis has received recognition for her work in the community in the area of Health and Wellness. Lynnis earned her SPHR in Human Resources, Certification in Holistic Health and Nutrition, Certification as a Pilates Instructor and her Lifestyle Coach Certification in Health and Wellness.

Lynnis's main mission is to educate women on the importance of achieving total wellness for the mind, body and spirit. PraiseWorks targets all areas of a woman's physical, spiritual and emotional needs through coaching, holistic education and fitness. Lynnis’s services include but are not limited to Praise Dance Instructor and Choreographer, Health and Wellness Coaching, workshops, webinars , motivational speaking, and the production of Health and Wellness events such as Holy Health & Wellness Fair and Praise By The Pool.

PraiseWorks will be producing three Praise Dance fitness DVD'S, working on “Our Journey to Wellness Book Series a collaboration of Health and Wellness writings by Health and Wellness Experts, and is in the process of writing her book "I Never Stopped Dancing, My Journey to Emotional and Spiritual Wellness”. Lynnis also host an internet talk show “The Wellness Journey” and is featured in various markets across the US on terrestrial radio with her “Our Journey to Wellness Moments.”

Lynnis has achieved her dream of moving PraiseWorks into the National and International markets. She receives invitations to speak, invitations for radio appearances and invitations as an expert writer for various magazines around the country, and abroad! Lynnis resides in Sacramento, California where she has four beautiful adult daughters and is married.

What People are Saying about Lynnis & "The Wellness Journey"

Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC, Author, Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock and Sugar Freedom CoachBeyond Sugar Shock - Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC

“Lynnis, thanks so much for having me on your Wellness Journey radio program. It was so much fun to have your show aired the same day my new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, was released! You were such a poised, gracious, charming host. And I loved your questions! You raised the kinds of things of most concern to sugar addicts. Now, it would be my honor to help your carb-addicted fans. Thanks again so much for your support.“

Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC, Author & Freedom Coach.
Author, Beyond Sugar Shock & Sugar Freedom Coach,

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos - Author - Cancerland

"I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest your radio program, The Wellness Journey! on March 27th, 2012. You are an awesome host and an astute interviewer! Your questions were leading, "on point" and showed depth on the subject matter of cancer, prophetic dreams, angels and healing. I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you again for inviting me into the lives of your listeners."

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos,
Author, Surviving Cancerland

Dr. Sarah Farrant

“Lynnis Woods-Mullins, founder of The Wellness Journey radio program, is making waves amongst the online listening community. Her dedication to bringing people from different health professions into the listens lounge room is having a beneficial effect on people’s health. Lynnis knows there are many different ways to interpret health and this knowledge is enabling the listeners, the individuals, to become empowered in their own life…especially their health.”

Dr Sarah Farrant

Irina Wardas

“Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a highly intelligent and educated business professional as well as smart and talented woman. As the owner and CEO of Praiseworks. Inc and host of The Wellness Journey Radio Show, Lynnis uses her natural passion, wisdom and dedication to help people get healthier and happier. I will recommend Lynnis Woods-Mullins to everyone who needs professional holistic health services to improve their well-being. I will also recommend Lynnis Woods-Mullins to everyone who needs a business partner with excellent communication skills, result oriented techniques and team player qualities."

Irina Wardas,

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Lynnis may be contacted at 916-706-7565 or lynnis@praiseworks.biz for bookings!

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